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Motorola Interphone radio

Motorola Interphone radio Motorola Interphone radio Motorola Interphone radio Motorola Interphone radio
Product name:Motorola Interphone radio
                           MOTOROLA Interphone radio 0.5W/1W Handheld 2 way 
Amateur Handheld two way radios with CE 
China 2 way radio, walkie-talkie factory, 
VOX, CTCSS/DCS, FM Radio .etc 

Detailed Specification:

  1. 3-5KM Talk Range
  2. Operating frequency:
  3. 462.5625 MHz - 462.7250 MHz (USA FRS)
    6.00625MHz - 446.09375MHz (Europe PMR446)
    Other Frequency for Australia/Russia/Japan/ Korea .etc
  4. Channel spacing: 25KHz (USA FRS), 12.5KHz (Europe PMR)
  5. USA: 22 Channels Europe: 8 Channels
  6. 0.5W / 1W TX output power

Main Functions:

  • 38 CTCSS Code
  • Speaker volume selectable: Electronic
  • VOX Handfree Operation - 3 sensitivity levels selectable
  • Monitor function
  • Scan function
  • Speaker volume selectable: Electronic
  • Squelch
  • 10 call tones
  • Backlight
  • Roger Beep On/Off function
  • Talk Confirmation Tone (like saying "over" or "roger")
  • Key Lock function
  • Roger Beep On/Off function
  • Battery charger level indication
  • Charge Jack and Earphone Jack(Desktop Charger is Optionl)
  • Used batteries: 3x AAA
  • Replaceable belt clip

Interphone 2 way radio, Ham  radio, Two Way Radio, Walkie Talkie, Handheld Transceiver



  • Service industry(Hotel, Restaurant, Supermarket, etc);
  • Security, Property Management;
  •  Police, Firefighters, Education, Public Utilities;
  • Constrution Sites & Transportation;
  • Warehouse, Ports & Logistic Industry;
  • Manufacturing industry

Interphone 2 way radio with compact and user-fricndly design 

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