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Two-way Radios for Nursing Homes

Author:Admin Date:2011-8-6 10:21:08

Two-way Radios for Nursing Homes


Author:admin Time:2011-2-12 13:41:48

When nursing homes try hard to improve efficiency, many are finding two-way radios to be the ideal choice. They use radios to save themselves needless steps and cut down response time in an emergency. Powerful enough to cover entire facility but light enough to clip onto a belt or slip into a pocket, the handy two-way radios can improve efficiency immediately. Radios keep everyone on staff connected - from physicians and nurses to administrators, assistants, and maintenance personnel. Having instant communications between staff members means more productivity, which helps combat shrinking profit margins. Two-way radios also allow staff to respond quickly to injuries and accidents, creating a safer environment.

Great communication for nurses is an example of advantages given by a two-way radio. They need a handy device that will help them to communicate in accomplishing their goal to take care of the patients. Nurses need to use this device in certain condition when they are not allowed to have direct communication or face to face communication. By using this certain communication device, they will be able to contact each other without leaving the patients.

Skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and other long term care companies that are currently using two-way radios have found that radios quickly pay for themselves in increased efficiency and turnaround time. Two-way radios are simple to use and require very little training, making them easy to implement in companies with high turnover.

Two-way radios provide an affordable way to increase overall patient/resident care. They improve efficiency and productivity, eliminate wasted time, and provide overall responsiveness through enhanced communication. Give your staff another tool for taking great care of your patients by using two-way radios to improve your communications.