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Two Way Radios in an Age of Cell Phones

Author:admin Date:2011-8-6 10:22:58

Two Way Radios in an Age of Cell Phones


Author:admin Time:2011-2-18 10:27:29

From 1G phones to 3G phones, technology continues to evolve. Because of today’s fast-paced technology, 4G phones arrived and introduced in the market positively new features like live streaming of television and radio shows.

Cell phones make a huge impact on every person’s life. People think that in this technology age when you have cell phones, why would you need radios to stay in touch? For such people the answer is that sometimes even when you are near by your family or team, you don’t get the signals to connect and there these cheap two way radios works magnificently. Another advantage of using two way radios instead of cell phones is that you only have to buy these once and will not have to pay for anything while you constantly need to recharge the balance in the phone or have to pay after a month or so.

A two way radio is very dependable in many areas that you cannot rely on a cell phone. This is why many professions still use radios as opposed to cell phones. They are more effective and controls. They can also go on a band width to accommodate many in using a walkie-talkie, such as a police department. They are cost effective and practical. Also two way radios have usually more battery life then cell phones and even if you are out for few days you can stay connected without charging these radios.

Whether you are a child on an adventure with playmates or an adult hiking in the far woods, walkie-talkies can be a dependable mode of communication. With the invention of cell phones you may consider the two way radio a mere child’s toy. But in reality it is still an important and useful way of communication for millions around the world.

Two way radios in the contemporary world have many diverse applications, ranging from private, industrial and armed forces roles. Our dependence on these gadgets is not only incredible but also remarkable since these gadgets are the medium of communication in many different circumstances. We make use of two way radios in a variety of different ways including: camping, mountaineering, sport hunting, serious industrial operations, policing, army and merchandising businesses.

The following features make these fantastic gadgets that can only be summed as the objects of desire. Rechargeable battery lasting eight to twelve hours or much more, illuminated LCD displays, rapid chargers, headsets, weather alerts, privacy codes, fingers free, USB charging port, key stroke sign and emergency alert button for you to use when in a disaster. Two way radios also come with variety of other user pleasant functions such as light, as well as fat and thin plastic casing designed to military specifications. The other benefits are the consumer and the company radios that use the GMRS and FRS frequencies. When using them one will need a license from the federal communication commission though.

You will always feel safe in the company of these surprisingly reliable wireless two way radios wherever you are, what ever you do and whoever you are with, for you will aspire to have more enjoyment and you will be inspired to expand the boundaries of your businesses and achieve much more revenue from effective company conversation.

Despite the new technology, two-way radio communication was still favored by most people. With people clamoring for new models of mobile phones every time, two way radios are being constantly updated to meet the ever-changing demands and needs of the public.